Ways You Are Damaging Your Health and How to Avoid It

As a writer, I often have a number of articles to write on and tight schedules to work on. This can give me added pressure to write and perform at the top of my ability which of course can impact my health. Some people may have other habits that they do at their workplace that they do not know that are damaging their health. It is important for any worker to think about their health first and think of the bigger picture because if they don’t they may risk their health. Without good health, we cannot create wealth and we cannot be productive.

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Here are ways you are damaging your health at work and how you prevent them so that you can be productive in your work:


1. Sitting Too Long in your Chair


According to a university research, people who sit at chairs for long periods of time will experience muscle shrinkage and breakdown due to lack of exercise. Sitting too long can also make you fat because of inactivity and cause your health to suffer. To fight this, it is important for office workers to take every opportunity to walk around the office so that they can exercise their muscles. They can also try stand-up desks so that they do not sit too long in your chair. The key thing is to keep yourself moving. You can do some desk exercise but moving your feet from time to time to generate some activity.


2. Staring Too Much at the Computer Screen


Staring too much at the computer screen can give you headaches and can cause some serious eye strain. Not a lot of office workers realize that even if they are using their laptops to write their reports and send emails, those too can damage their eyes and their health. It is important for workers to take their eyes from their computer screen and look away. To help them office member how to do this, just think 20/20/20. Every 20 minutes look at something from 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It would be beneficial if you do it more often so that your eyes and your mind can relax. Don’t eat at your desk, go out during your lunch break and go to the park or to the mall or simply go out and eat.


3. Worrying Too Much


Every once in a while we encounter stress in our workplace that can cause us to worry. Sometimes we do not realize that is affects us too much especially if we are still thinking about our work problems when we are already going home. Worrying too much can affect our health and can weaken our immune system. It is therefore important to take measures to fight stress and to simply stop worrying. You have to tell yourself that you are not paid enough to worry. When you do that, you will soon realize that your health is much important than the report you have to make or the emails that you have to send.


Those are some ways that some workers are doing that are damaging their health. It is important to prevent those things from happening by taking action to live a better life.


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